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Creatine PyruvateCreatine Pyruvate

Creatine Pyruvate is a patented product of SKW, producers of Creapure™ creatine. This engineered new molecule is a delivery vehicle capable of delivering both of the bioenergetically-active compounds. The idea behind the creation of this product was to combine the energy and endurance booster effect of creatine and pyruvate. The end result is a highly bioavailable and soluble creatine, and a stable pyruvate. Due to synergism between the components Creatine Pyruvate’s benefits surpass that of the original individual ingredients. Studies report improvement in strength, power, and stamina during workout. Also, psychotropic effects have been observed such as improved feeling of well-being and mood, more vigor despite exercise fatigue.

Creatine Pyruvate is an excellent supplement for women because of the lack of water retention and its ability to reduce the symptoms of female disorders like PMS and other complaints correlated with the menstrual cycle. 

Directions: Take 2 capsules 2-3 times a day mainly before and after workout.


Size: 100 capsules .

Nutritional Profile Per Serving
    Creatine Pyruvate 1400 mg (2 capsules)