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It has been proven that creatine transport into the muscle cells, just like with all amino acids and their derivatives, is facilitated by insulin. Boosting insulin levels by consuming carbohydrates is the best way to increase creatine effectiveness. Createc combines creatine with the right amount and type of carbohydrate.

An amazing 160% better creatine effectiveness is achieved by using Createc compared to creatine alone. 

Directions: In the loading phase 3-6 servings are recommended daily depending on body weight dissolved in 13 oz. of water. Mixing 1-2 servings of Createc with Creatine Monohydrate powder is an effective and more economical way of loading. For example, if you need 25 grams of creatine for loading you can get that amount from 2 x 5g of Creatine Monohydrate powder and 3 servings of Createc. 

In the maintenance phase use 1-3 servings of Createc, depending on body weight before breakfast, between meals and after training.


Size: 800 g - 1.76 lbs, 20 servings
Flavors: Peach, Lemon

Nutritional Profile Per Serving
  Protein 0 g   Creapure™ creatine monohydrate   5 g  
  Carbohydrates 32 g   Taurine   1 g  
  Fat 0 g