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Effergin™ is a nutraceutical composition containing supra-physiological amounts of arginine, a natural nitric oxide generator in a special, effervescent delivery system. One of the most remarkable scientific surprises of biochemistry in the 20th century is the discovery of nitric oxide (NO), an inorganic gas that easily travels from cell to cell and regulates many vital physiological functions of the human body. Arginine is known to get poorly absorbed, and needs to be stabilized when applied in combinations with other components. Effergin™ contains a large dose of stabilized, highly bio-available arginine and allows an improved cellular nitric-oxide release upon oral intake. The benefits Effergin™ may have are twofold. The general health effects include: 

Athletes benefit from the improvement of physical exercise capacity and increased blood flow. More nutrients will reach the trained muscle and the fatigue by-products will be flushed out faster and more efficiently resulting in better recovery and more gains. Effergin™ increases the healing process of muscle tissue micro-injuries and it has an impact on insulin output and sensitivity. New research shows that nitric oxide may even cause new contractile units to appear at the ends of muscle fibers.

A patent pending product !

Directions: Pour the contents of one packet into a glass and add 10 oz. of cold water to get a great tasting drink in a few seconds. No stirring is required, the effervescence actively mixes the solution. Take 1-2 servings daily before and after exercise or as suggested by your physician. Do not swallow powder undissolved.


Size: 20 single serving packets
Flavors: Orange 

Nutritional Profile Per Serving
    Protein 0 g   Fat 0 g  
    Carbohydrates 0 g   Arginine 5000 mg