Scitec Nutrition


Non-stimulant fat burner and weight control product

HCA-Chitosan, that some call fat magnet, is one of the most widely used and the most effective body fat controlling products next to HCA. Chitosan is a glycoprotein fiber extracted from crab and crayfish shells. Chitosan goes through a deacetylation process during which acetyl groups are chemically removed to increase the activity of chitosan by making it more soluble. Chitosan is a phenomenal fat-binding fiber capable of binding lipids in the stomach before they would enter the bloodstream via the digestive system.

To put it more simply, it draws excess fatty acids like a magnet, prevents their absorption and later helps the body excrete them.

Directions: 2x2-4 capsules daily, depending on body weight, 30 minutes before the main meals of the day. In order to avoid any type of nutrient deficiency take other supplements (vitamins, minerals or medications) in the morning when chitosan is not used.


Size: 100 capsules, 50 servings

  Nutritional Profile Per Serving            
    Chitosan  150 mg