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HCA is the extract of the plant Garcinia Cambogia. Research has proven that HCA can stimulate the activity of fat-burning enzymes in the body, and inhibit the ATP citrate liase enzyme so that carbohydrates will be deposited as fat less easily. The Scitec Nutrition™ testing system is the guarantee that you always get the best quality supplements. The HCA content of Scitec Nutrition™’s HCA supplement is 68%. Inferior brands may contain significantly less active ingredient! The systematic use of HCA combined with the right diet and exercise will burn the most fat possible.

Directions: The recommended daily dose of HCA for effective fat burning is 2.5 g (6 capsules). 3x2 capsules 1 hour before meals is the optimal serving.

Size: 100 capsules, 50 servings 

  Nutritional Profile Per Serving            
    Hydroxy Citric Acid  370 mg