Scitec Nutrition
Scitec Nutrition™ uses the patented German SKW Creapure™ creatine monohydrate that is not only tested for creatine content, but for impurities as well. Accept only Creapure™ as the safe source of creatine supplementation!
CFM® is a unique, highly advanced technological process known as Cross-Flow Microfiltration. This totally natural process uses a high-tech ceramic filter to carefully and gently isolate the whey protein from the fat, lactose, denatured and damaged whey. By using this process, we produce the purest, most natural, fat-free whey protein available today.
Scitec Nutrition™ uses a superior form of whey protein concentrate that is produced with an advanced proprietary low-temperature ultrafiltration process that concentrates native whey proteins. It features a variety of nutritional and functional properties. It has an excellent nutritive value and has a balanced amino acid profile with the highest ratio of branched-chain amino acids of all the protein types.
Feed the Muscle, Starve the Fat™
Breakthrough Amino Acid Potentiator to Build More Lean Muscle Mass

Aminogen® is a naturally derived patented plant enzyme ingredient that helps the body naturally liberate amino acids from food protein (much like breaking links of a chain). Aminogen® enhances the bodys absorption process by breaking peptide bonds, which attach amino acids to protein molecules.

Aminogen®, a Registered Trademark of Triarco Industries
(US patent #5 387 422)

Bioenergy ribose is the best source of this ingredient. The producer has three patents for its use in cardiovascular disease treatment and sport performance enhancement.
Vition™ is a patented mineral support formula. Research determined that athletes are usually deficient in minerals hindering their performance and potential gains. Vition™ improves cell energy balance and cellular health. Vition™ may boost free testosterone, growth hormone, and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 levels. Also, taken before going to bed Vition™ may improve sleep quality.
Effergin™ provides stabilized, highly bioavailable arginine, a natural nitric oxide precursor. Effergin™ allows an improved cellular nitric oxide release upon oral intake. Nitric oxide is an inorganic gas that travels easily from cell to cell and regulates many vital physiological functions of the human body. Effergin™ provides general health benefits and improvement in athletic performance.
The source of conjugated linoleic acid found in Scitec products is Tonalin™. Studies that reported positive results from CLA used this patented ingredient. Tonalin™ is the purest and most effective form of CLA containing the best isomers for health and sport benefits.