Scitec Nutrition


Scipro™ is an excellent quality whey protein matrix consisting of ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate and cross-flow microfiltered whey protein isolate (CFM® WPI), not a blend of cheaper and lower quality protein sources. It's fortified with the patented protein enzyme matrix Aminogen®.

Scitec Nutrition™ uses a superior form of whey protein concentrate. It is produced with an advanced proprietary low-temperature ultrafiltration process that concentrates native whey proteins. It features a variety of nutritional and functional properties. It has an excellent nutritive value and has a balanced amino acid profile with the highest ratio of branched-chain amino acids of all the protein types.

Scipro™ contains Aminogen®, the patented matrix of protein enzymes that aid assimilation by liberating BCAAs from whole proteins and creating protein peptides. Whey protein helps support the body's immune system, and has the ability to enhance endogenous glutathione production.

Glutathione is the body's most powerful naturally occurring anti-oxidant. 

Scipro™ is very low in lactose and carbohydrates so it is also great for dieting, and will not cause stomach discomfort that may be associated with other proteins. 

Scipro™ mixes instantly without a blender for your convenience.

Directions: Mix 1 scoop with 10 oz. of milk or water. Drink after training, upon awakening and any time as needed to fulfill your daily protein requirements.

Size: 908 g - 2.0 lbs, 31 servings 
Flavors: Double Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla Delight, Raspberry Cream

  Nutritional Profile Per Serving          
    Protein 20 g   Fat 2.5 g    
    Carbohydrates 2 g   Aminogen® 100 mg