Scitec Nutrition


Creatine and ribose powered cell volumizer transport system

Trans-X™ is the new millennium cell-volumizer transport system. It features all the effective and popular cell volumizing substances and ATP regenerating ingredients combined with a third generation transport system. Trans-X™ is the ultimate anabolic supplement for the fastest muscle strength and size gains. The powerful dose of 12 grams of creatine with ribose will create an unbeatable synergistic effect that is further facilitated by our patented Vition™ cell regenerating mineral support formula. An ample amount of glutamine, BCAAs and arginine is included to make sure that the body is in an anabolic state and the immune system is properly supported. The 76 grams of dextrose is the base for the third-generation transport system. When consuming it the insulin response will be sufficiently quick and strong so that the body can maximally utilize all the important anabolic ingredients in Trans-X™. Moreover, taken at strategically determined times, like right after training or upon awakening, the formula helps to maximally reload the exhausted muscle glycogen stores. The major distinguishing ingredient of the advanced transport system is lipoic acid. It is the single most effective insulin mimicker substance.

Directions: In the loading phase (first five days of use) take Trans-X™ two times a day upon awakening and after training. For maintenance, use one serving after training, or upon awakening on non-workout days. Trans-X™ contains seriously high amounts of the active ingredients, therefore use at least 0.9 liters of water to dilute one full serving, and stay well hydrated all day long! Half-servings can be taken if necessary.

Ingredients (lemon flavor): Dextrose, creatine monohydrate, d-ribose, glutamine, arginine, taurine, Z-Max (magnesium gluconate, zinc gluconate, potassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate), lipoic acid, natural and artificial flavors, riboflavin for color, citric acid.


Size: 1816 g - 4 lbs, 18 servings
Flavors: Orange, Lemon

Nutritional Profile Per Serving
    Protein 0 g   Glutamine 2.5 g  
    Carbohydrates 76 g   Taurine 1 g  
    Fat 0 g   Arginine 1 g    
    Creapure™ creatine monohydrate 12 g   Vition™ 370 mg    
    Ribose 2.2 g   Lipoic Acid 250 mg    
    BCAAs (isoleucine, leucine, valine) 2.5 g