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Dear Partner in Health!

Thank you for placing your trust in SCITEC NUTRITION® products! You are about to experience what precision and attention to detail can do. SCITEC NUTRITION® has raised the benchmark for all sports supplement companies to follow. Every detail in the fitness industry is important; therefore we are committed to ensure quality of the ingredients, design, and customer service.

The SCITEC NUTRITION® was founded in 1995 and has since become the industry leader in Europe.

Currently its products are available in more than 20 european countries, so it is undoubtedly one of the companies producing supplements more widespread and more widely known.

Our Own Research and Developement

Scitec Nutrition® will only manufacture products tested and proven to work. We invest heavily in research and development. We also pay a premium to include patented ingredients that we know will work. Our products contain the most patented or patent-pending formulas and ingredients. Our own researchers have developed several original products, the most popular being (Effergin™ 1999 and Vition™ 1992). Lab Tests .

The Best Quality Ingredients

To be able to choose the best quality supplements, you need hard facts and not assumptions! Here’s 2 deciding factors why SCITEC NUTRITION® is the best choice for you too.

  1. SCITEC NUTRITION® sells record amounts of whey protein: 1,500 tonnes annually!
  2. SCITEC NUTRITION® publishes on its website the lab test for every single batch of protein manufactured (3000 tests in the last 10 months)!
Every batch of the record amount of 1,500 tonnes of protein manufactured by SCITEC NUTRITION® is lab tested and published on

Unique 3-Way Testing System™

Scitec Nutrition® supplements are available in several dozen countries outside the USA. In many of these countries, supplements have to pass stringent FDA tests and meet label claims before legally entering the market. Therefore Scitec products must have been FDA tested and passed in more countries than any other line. To ensure the superb quality our Unique 3-Way Testing System™ is applied. The raw materials, the mixture during manufacturing, and the packaged products are all tested.

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